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Oct 12, 2008

Beth Beljon Wedding Photography

Beth Beljon did an incredible job shooting our wedding. She was able to capture all the moments we were afraid we would miss and all the details we want to remember forever. She was exceptionally efficient and unobtrusive, yet somehow caught each and every touching moment. Our photos are exactly what we wanted--relaxed, classic, effortless and absolutely beautiful. Beth has been a pleasure to work with after the wedding as well, as we try to select the photos for our album (which is no easy task when you have so many favorites). She has worked especially hard to put our photos online in an accessible and easy to format for all our family and friends to enjoy. I trust her professional judgment completely and have no doubt that our finished album will be as amazing as the prints. Amber & Dan

I am all sorts of caught up in the work of Beth Beljon today.
I am all sorts of caught up in the work of Beth Beljon today. Looking through this wedding in particular is like gazing over the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. Thanks to The Bride's Cafe for these additional details, "The wedding was held at the beautiful Parker Palm Springs Hotel. The bride Susan has an impeccable eye for style. She designed the girl's milk-chocolate chiffon dresses. Tim the groom, dressed all in white and instead of a boutonniere, he wore a jeweled cross on his lapel that was a family heirloom. The guys wore a twill trouser with high-tops and white shirts (untucked) under Susan's strict styling instructions! There were pink peonies everywhere you looked, which is my favorite flower. This is, in my opinion, such a successful wedding on all levels. Susan enhanced the venue without trying to hard to duplicate the "Parker Theme" everywhere."

Oct 1, 2008


(WOW, when a I recieved these words of graditude a few months back I thought, I am so happy and fortunate to give people such happiness, Thank you to all my wonderful clients!) Beth


 A BILLION thank yous wouldn't be enough to express our gratitude for the incredible work you did
photographing our wedding! I am a complete
perfectionist (not a trait I am proud of!) so to
surpass even my high expectations is a true triumph!

The professionalism, kindness and genuine care you
exuded from our very first meeting continued all the
way through and even following the wedding day. The
photos you captured exude so many romantic, elegant
and joyous moments that I was literally in tears (from
being so happy) when I called to thank you...and I
wasn't even half way through all the proofs yet.

We will remember your sweet nature and incredible
talent every time we cherish the memories of our
wedding day...thank you again for a REMARKABLE job! You are truly an artist and having you there was the best decision of all!

xoxo, Elizabeth and Bill Dean

Nov 8, 2007

Thank You! Beth Beljon for Your Excellent Photographs!

(I love it when couples just gush over their wedding photos, not because I took them but because I know that it can so much joy to their lives, So here is a recent note I recieved in the mail. You know they are happy when it comes in the post!) Beth
Iam completely speechless, WE LOVE THEM! You truely captured all of the moments of our day. I've had people tell me they fell like they were there, sharing in all the moments. We've recieved so many compliments on the pictures. My guests have told me how wonderful, nice and accomodating you were. My Mom was surprized she never really saw you all night, yet there were so many great shots. Each time I go through them. I find a new favorite!
   You made me feel like a celebrity and the shots are of the caliber in magazines. your work will be proudly shown displayed throughout our life.  Thank you for your talent and being our photographer on our wedding day!     Much love & appreciation,  Jen & Pete

Nov 7, 2007

Photographing "Dancing with the Star"...Jane Seymour by Beth Beljon

Although I am not a fan of the show, (sorry Mom) I couldn't help but watch for a minute while scrolling the channels. Those outfits alone had their own story!  I must say, Jane made a good run of it  and from what I hear juiced-up the show with a little drama.  My recent assignment to photograph her was a lot more subdued.
  I went to her home in Malibu just before she started filming the show. And Yes, she was as poised and graceful as she was on the dance floor. I don't think many people know this about Jane but she is a real live artist and I mean a talented water colorist! We spent the majority of the time in her art studio which I would consider a large home for myself but it houses all her special art supplies.
  Jane told me she found painting calming and uplifting especially when she was going through a messy divorce (her ex left her almost penniless) and depression set-in during her early forties.   She opened her own art gallery in LA and started mentoring art students. She created a foundation that donates funds to students to assist with school bills.  Each year two students are flown to LA to spend a little one on one time with Jane at her home painting and giving them inspiration. In the photo she is proudly showing me a koi fish she did literally in 2 minutes! (Notice the very dancing-with-the-artist-frock)
   So I am not worried that Jane is home pouting about being yanked from the contest,  I am sure she is relaxing and planning her next masterpiece. 

Nov 6, 2007

Putting The OM into Photography by Beth Beljon

After 3 years of dabbling in the ancient art form of yoga, I decided to take the plunge and sign myself up for teacher training. This means that I am committing one weekend each month for the next nine months to eat, sleep and breathe yoga. My first assignment: wake-up at the ungodly (or what some yogis say is the "godly") hour of 4 a.m. for 40 days straight to do yoga and meditation.

This doesn't mean that I will be giving up my beloved day job as a photographer, no way. It's my way of becoming an even more fortified, calmly-centered sharp shooter. If it's a scorching 108 degrees outside and I have a sweaty, over-served cranky bridal party that needs photos taken, I'll handle it with grace and ease! OR if the bride and her father is having a touching moment before he walks her down the isle, I'll know it before it happens. My intuition only gets stronger when I practice yoga. 

Being a keen observer and a lover of celebrations, I've always felt confident providing my clients with a body of work that tells a story. Now with just one yoga weekend under my belt, I feel like I've already gained more insight, strength and focus for my next wedding and will be prepared for anything to happen.

There is a shift happening for us creative types, it's the realization that cultivating good health and a sense of well-being creates better art. Hopefully the days that you see a photographer bellied up to the bar throwing back a few with the bridal party are over. Not only is it unprofessional but it will throw off (contrary to popular belief) the photographer's acute senses and creative juices.

I know it sounds corny, but how your photographer nurtures their creative side can have an effect on the outcome of your photos. It all comes down to one thing: making sure they deliver photos you’ll cherish for years to come.  

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